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by:  George Tannous, PhD

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Important: Before you study this lesson please watch this video, “Why?“.  Example:  If you or your client are in a relationship and the other person displayed an attitude of not being “Truthful”, you’ll need to master, and you’ll need to educate your client the following: “Confront and Level!”,  “Assertive Communications!”, as well as “I Feel Good, PST!”.


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Your body is your temple. We all have heard this before, and it makes complete sense. From childhood we are taught to adopt healthy habits. Eating a balanced diet, going out in the sun, exercising regularly, early to bed and early to rise. All of were fed into our brains when we were in our pre-school years.


And why not? When these habits are adopted from an early age, they get incorporated into our lifestyle. They become a way of life. But even though our teachers and parents try to include these healthy habits from an early age, somehow, as we grow up, we often forget them.


As we move forward in life, life events, busy schedules, deadlines, family life, our jobs, and many more factors occupy our list of priorities. And in the midst of all this, we start ignoring our health. As a result, we start ignoring our diet, start eating unhealthy snacks and skipping workout sessions.   


But good health is essential for our overall wellbeing. It is evident that when a person possesses good health, he is capable of doing more, accomplishing more, and engaging in activities and tasks he enjoys.

Benefits of good health


There are many upsides to being healthy. Not only are healthy people filled with energy, but they also make the most of their lives. When a person engages in activities he loves, he feels more positive. Health enables a person to create the life he truly desires. Apart from this, there are several benefits of being healthy which are as follows:


Controlled weight: When a person eats a balanced diet and works out on a regular basis, it boosts his metabolism and helps him control and maintain his weight.       


Reduced stress: Working out is a great stress reliever. Exercise of any kind can help you take your mind off a hectic routine and can give you the outlet you need to relax.


Keeps your energy tank full: Can you enjoy your life and make the most out of it if you feel exhausted 24/7? The answer is no. But when your energy tank is full, you accomplish tasks faster, you engage in activities you love, and even after a tiring day, you have the energy left to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones.


Longer life: Many people spend their lives tied to their beds. Others live on prescription drugs. But when you look after your body, follow a healthy diet, engage in physical activities, and get appropriate amounts of sleep, these factors help in building a strong immune system, more resistance towards diseases, and better muscle strength. Better health helps reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, strokes, heart problems, obesity, and many more diseases.


Steps to improve your health:

Many people believe in shortcuts. They watch a workout video on YouTube, get a diet plan created by first-rate dieticians, download multiple fitness applications on their phones, and get a smartwatch to keep track of their routine, habits, and calories. But many fail to develop positive habits. They plan big but they fail to stick to it. And most give up within two to three weeks.


It’s important to understand that acquiring good health is an on-going and long-term process. It requires effort, dedication, and commitment. But in the end, you reap the benefits. Here are a few steps you can take to improve your health. 


Say no to unhealthy food: Many people have the bad habit of eating unhealthy food before meals. Not only does this ruin their appetite but it also keeps them from eating healthy food. Sticking to healthy snacking habits and switching to healthy snacks such as protein bars, mixed nuts, fruits and berries, yogurt, eggs, etc., can help you stay healthy and ditch unhealthy snacks.


Drink plenty of water: Drinking water helps your body get rid of toxic wastes, maintain an ideal temperature, and avoid dehydration.


Don’t skip breakfast: Often when we are in a rush, we skip breakfast. Busy lives don’t allow people to sit at the table and have a proper morning meal. Though skipping breakfast might seem harmless, it comes with consequences. Skipping breakfast increases the number of stress hormones, lowers your blood sugar levels, slows your metabolism, and affects cognitive functioning.


Relaxation exercises: Some people feel relaxed when they meditate, some feel relaxed after a good run, and for some people, long walks do the trick. Relaxing exercises help you combat stress. They refresh your brain and help you recharge. 


Get regular checkups: Most people refrain from going to see their doctor because of the fast-paced lifestyle. But getting yourself checked can help you get insights about the problems in your body before they start to become a serious issue. Getting yourself checked enables you to take steps towards the betterment of your health.


Put the limit: We all are tempted when we see our favorite food. And it is OK to indulge in it. But the problems arise when we start overeating. Eating favorite foods is not a bad thing, but while having your favorite food, be mindful of your portions.


Socialize: Socializing helps you meet new people and also helps you maintain better mental health. Socializing can also boost confidence, help you find people who share similar goals and interests, improve your emotional health, and help you combat stress.


Would you say that you are in good health? What issues are you dealing with and what steps are you taking to improve your health?


The essay

Please write an essay, up to two pages, about your health. What are you doing about your health? Do you eat a balanced meal? Do you exercise? Internalize this lesson. Make it a part of you. Share your story in the Forums.

Our advice is for you to always seek to stay healthy! Become a member of the forum and give feedback to others or have others give you feedback. That’s how you gain practice in becoming a certified life coach!

Read the article? Time to introspect!

  1. How many times a week do you eat unhealthy food?
  2. Do you find yourself skipping breakfast? How does it impact your day?
  3. Do you make appointments with doctors for checkups? If not, why not?
  4. Do you make time for family and friends? How often do you pay them visits?
  5. On the scale of one to ten, how would you rate your health? What changes do you think you can make to improve your health?



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I am thankful that you have given me this opportunity to share all of this with you. May God bless you and bring prosperity and peace into your life.

Respectfully yours,

George Tannous, PhD

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