Community Involvement
by:  George Tannous, PhD

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Important: Before you study this lesson please watch this video, “Why?“.  Example:  If you or your client are in a relationship and the other person displayed an attitude of not being “Truthful”, you’ll need to master, and you’ll need to educate your client the following: “Confront and Level!”,  “Assertive Communications!”, as well as “I Feel Good, PST!”.

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As human beings, we all have a basic need for a sense of belonging. We all want to be loved and accepted for who we are. We all want to be heard and we want our opinions to matter. Deep inside, we all have causes we strongly care about, and we all have a desire to make an impact, to leave a mark.


What is the best way to achieve all this to lead a gratifying life? The answer is simple. It’s community involvement.


Community involvement not only gives individuals a sense of belonging but also enables them to become a part of a greater cause. It equips them with the resources required to make a difference. Community involvement also enables us to connect with different people, explore unique and diverse perspectives and ideas, and promotes mental and emotional health, which helps keep life balanced.


But before we dive into how community involvement helps us achieve balance, let’s understand what a community is.


What is a community?

A community is formed by a group of people who come together to achieve similar goals or to support a common cause. A community can be a group of people who enjoy each other’s company and love spending time together. It could be formed by people of common society, a group of professionals, or simply by people who want to bring constructive changes to their own society. But this is not just it, over the years the idea of community has evolved. Nowadays, thanks to technological marvels and the growth of social media, online or virtual communities have become prominent. These communities are making positive impacts on society by supporting greater causes and uniting people with diverse backgrounds.

Benefits of community involvement


Being involved in a community and equipping yourself with a purpose enables you to live life more fully. Community involvement comes with several benefits, some of which are as follows:


Better voice: We all want to be heard. Communities give us a better and greater voice. One of the best things about a community is it invites diverse perspectives, new thoughts, and ideas. It enables you to voice your opinions more effectively. 


Access to new ideas and thoughts: When you become a part of a community, it allows you to meet different people with various backgrounds. This gives you an opportunity to explore diverse thoughts, ideas, methods and perspectives; it allows you to grow. 


Better networking: Want to connect with people on a deeper level? A community can enable you to network better and form lasting relationships.


Better results: Communities are goal oriented. They have long-term as well as short-term goals and they strive to bring measurable change. 


Stay informed: Gathering information alone is a lot of work. But being connected to a community gives you access to accurate as well as authentic information and enables you to stay informed about the causes you care about.


Overcoming hurdles together: Belonging to a community not only gives you insights and information but provides you the support of multiple people sharing similar interests and striving to achieve the same goals.  


Giving back: Community involvement is a great way of giving back to society and bringing positive changes.


More scope for personal growth: We all get used to our comfort zones and after some time, we can become confined by them. A community enables you to step out of your comfort zone and enhances your interpersonal, leadership, and decision-making skills.  


Better emotional and mental health: Community involvement enables you to combat loneliness. A community helps you find people who share similar interests and promotes emotional and mental health by helping you form deeper bonds.


More joy and happiness: When you are driven by a purpose and surrounded by people who value your presence, accept you, and respect your perspectives, it enables you to lead a happier and more fulfilling life.

A community not only enables you to give back to society, take action, and invite positive changes, but also enables you to lead a much happier and healthier life. And the best part, you can make your own community with a few simple steps.


How you can build a community that makes a difference:

Below are some steps that can help you lead a more fulfilling and balanced life. They provide insights to form a community that brings the positive changes you want to see in the world.


Find your cause: There can be many things you care about. You could be someone who cares about seals, whales, stray animals, homeless people, child education, child labor, and so on. But it’s crucial to pick the one cause that you care about the most. 


Give your cause an identity: The second step is to give your community an identity. Ensure you give it a name, an attractive logo, and a vision and a mission statement. Giving your community an identity will make it recognizable and will help you build trust among your members.


Encourage people to participate: It often happens that when communities are formed and people become aware of them, they still feel reluctant about joining them. Hence it becomes crucial to create a welcoming environment and to encourage people to join the community.


Invite new ideas and thoughts: In a community, it’s crucial to value every opinion and to invite new ideas. When people feel heard, they get motivated to work more positivity and with more enthusiasm towards the cause.  


Spread the word through social media: social media is a great way to promote your community, to get new followers and volunteers. It also enables you to boost the engagement of your community members by posting about your community’s milestones, achievements, etc. 


Give back rewards: Awards are a great way of boosting the participation of new community members or volunteers. You can also reward your elite community members or volunteers by appreciating their hard work and dedication.


Have you ever been a part of a community? What was it like and how did it help you bring balance to your life?


The essay:

Please write an essay, up to two pages, about a past experience you or someone you know did some community service. Tell us in detail, who, what, when, where, why, to whom, the place of what you did. The outcome! And tell us in detail how you could have changed from what you learned today so the outcome would have been better. Internalize this lesson. Make it become a part of you. Share your story in the Forums.

Our advice is for you to get involved in serving in some sort of community in your area. for at least a week. Tell others around you to point out any event in which you didn’t. Have them hold you accountable. Visit the “Forum” and do a “CONFESSION.”

What is a Confession? A Confession is when you’ve displayed a wrong behavior and were held accountable by one of your family members, peers, or even yourself. Visit the Forum and tell us about it. We will give you feedback! Make sure to watch the video about Confession for more details! Furthermore, become a member of the Forum and give feedback to others!


Read the article? Time to introspect!

  1. Are you a part of any community? How has it helped you?
  2. What challenges have you tackled with the help of the community?
  3. How have you grown personally after becoming a part of the community? What changes have you observed in yourself?
  4. How has becoming a part of a community improved your networking skills?
  5. Would you like to start your own community? What are your goals and what would you like to achieve?


This module includes the following:

Jump to Module:  Module 1: “Attitudes.  Followed by, “Your Logical Thoughts”.  Then, “Your Unlawful Thoughts”.  Then, “How Well Do You Communicate”.  Then, “Drugs, Alcohol, and You”.  Then, “Your Uncontrolled Anger”.  Followed by, “Is Your Life in Balance”.  Finally, “Your Relationships”.

There is no way any relationship will survive without having the qualities mentioned above.

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Also, follow the instruction for sharing your story in our Forums as well as participating in our “Forums,” especially our unique “Confessions Forum” so you may gain practice, knowledge, experience, and expertise!


I am thankful that you have given me this opportunity to share all of this with you. May God bless you and bring prosperity and peace into your life.

Respectfully yours,

George Tannous, PhD

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