Why Become a Certified Life Coach
by:  George Tannous, PhD
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Couple counseling with a certified life coach.

Aside from being a highly rewarding career, there are several rewards of being a life coach. You step into the world of entrepreneurship.

One of the biggest benefits of becoming a life coach is that of freedom and flexibility. And you get to be your own boss. It helps you break away from the regular nine to five, enables you to work on your own terms, helps you stay aligned with your values, and gives you time to focus more on your personal as well as your professional life.

It allows you to make time for your hobbies, enables you to pursue your interests, and helps you make more time for your family.

Higher wages: Another major benefit is that of higher income. Depending on your experience, your portfolio, your clientele, and your demographic area, you can generate from $50 to $150 in one session and much more in a group seminar setting. In addition to this, you can also offer monthly packages to your clients.

Example: It takes thirty-five weeks to coach a couple, parents and children, friends, family members, and more. If you are meeting with your client one day a week, and at a billable rate of $50 per hour, which is very low, then each client is worth $50 times 35 weeks = $1750

Now, if you are working part time, twenty hours a week, then you will be seeing 20 clients per week. Keep in mind many meetings are done now on Zoom.com.  For a total of $35,000 in 35 weeks. Not bad wouldn’t you say? Do it full time and that number now equals $70,000 in 35 weeks or 70000/9×12= $104,000 per year and that’s at $50 per hour.  What if you charged $150 per hour?

More control and clarity: Becoming a life coach gives you more clarity and control over your own life situations. When you motivate others to become action-oriented, it gives you the courage and strength to overcome challenges in your own life. After all, you’d better know the materials that you are teaching and apply them in your very own day to day life.

There comes a point in time in everyone’s life when they require some extra support.

Think of it; How many times in your life did you need a helping hand? Someone to lean on. Someone you could trust. Someone who’d listen to you.

There comes a point in time when everyone needs someone they can talk their heart out to, a helping hand to pull them through the difficult times, or a shoulder to cry on.

Sometimes people seek someone who can relieve their pain through kind words or fill them with enthusiasm and confidence when they are brimming with self-doubt. 

At times people seek someone they can rely on. Someone they can trust blindly or someone who is always looking out for them. You can be that someone who can transform people’s lives and yours as well.

You can be someone who can help people out in their difficult times, who can provide comfort and support during crises, and you can be someone who can help people tap into their full potential and motivate them to achieve their goals.

You can help people fix their broken pieces, you can become a helping hand in someone’s journey of self-discovery, and you can help people find their life’s purpose.

Welcome to the world of life coaching. A rewarding career path that allows you to not only become an entrepreneur but also serve others while being aligned with your own values. A career that offers flexibility, freedom, higher wages, and job satisfaction.

Who is a Life Coach? A life coach is a person who helps people focus on improving their present life situations. Life coaches work with their clients and enable them to make necessary amendments. They encourage their clients to take action and help them create a life they envision for themselves. Their client could be someone struggling to find an ideal career path, problems in a relationship, attitude problems, not rational with their thoughts, criminal thoughts, alcohol and drug dependency, or a parent wanting to improve his/her child behavior, and much more.

Life coaches are seen as carvers. Someone who shapes lives by observing the strengths and recognizing the weaknesses of their clients and who work with them at every step as a partner to help them make the most of their lives.

Life coaches are professional mentors who replace nervousness with calmness, anxiety with enthusiasm, and procrastination with loads of action.

As a life coach, you create a detailed plan of action for your clients and motivate them to stick to it while keeping them aligned with their values.

At times you give them a pep talk, at times you offer emotional support, sometimes you challenge them, but at the end of the day, you celebrate with them. Their achievements become your triumphs.

Job satisfaction: If you are someone who loves to help people with their circumstances, who loves serving others and who loves seeing people achieve their goals and reach new heights in life, life coaching can be an extremely satisfying career path.

Life coaching not only enables you to shape lives for good or show others the right direction, but it also equips you with a greater purpose.

How can you become a life coach?

While becoming a therapist requires you to enroll into several degree programs, that is not the case when it comes to becoming a life coach.

If becoming your own boss and making more money while partnering up with people and helping them create a bigger and better life for themselves sounds like an ideal career path to you, you can become a certified life coach by joining us today.

If you are someone who want to learn how to improve yourself and live a better life, someone who is eager to help people, someone who wants to be a mentor to your family and friends, then this is for you! Join us today for a better tomorrow.

Once you have completed this entire journey, you will be issued a Life Coach Certificate.  Must participate in our Forums to get certified!  You’ll achieve your internship by joining and participating in our “Forums”.


I am thankful that you have given me this opportunity to share all of this with you. May God bless you and bring prosperity and peace into your life.

Respectfully Yours,

George Constantine Tannous, PhD

President and CEO


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Once you have completed this entire journey, you will be issued a Life Coach Certificate.  Must participate in our Forums to get certified!  You’ll achieve your internship by joining and partcipating in our “Forums”.