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We Specialize in "Relationships, Attitudes, Communication Skills, Rational Thinking,
Criminal Thinking, Anger, Drugs & Alcohol, and More!"
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Did you know that coaches earn $50, $100, $150, per hour, and more?

Why Become a Certified Life Coach?

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Aside from being a highly rewarding career, there are several rewards of being a life coach.

You step into the world of entrepreneurship: One of the biggest benefits of becoming a life coach is that of freedom and flexibility. And you get to be your own boss. It helps you break away from the regular nine to five, enables you to work on your own terms, helps you stay aligned with your values, and gives you time to focus more on your personal as well as your professional life. It allows you to make time for your hobbies, enables you to pursue your interests, and helps you make more time for your family.

Higher wages: Another major benefit is that of higher income. Depending on your experience, your portfolio, your clientele, and your demographic area, you can generate from $50 to $150 in one session and much more in a group seminar setting. In addition to this, you can also offer monthly packages to your clients. The time is now.  Begin your journey today! 

Your Love Knows No Bounds. Help Yourself, Your Family, and Others.

Open to anyone, anywhere.

You don’t have to be a US citizen to become a "Certified Life Coach"

Have a full session online.

You can have a full coaching session online! No need to meet face-to-face. Zoom is easy to use.

100% Legal and legitimate.

Every student, and upon completion, will receive a "Certified Life Coach" certificate.

Distance makes no difference.

If you live in the U.S. for example, you'll be able to coach someone in the U.K. in other word, you can coach anyone, and anywhere in the world! Thanks to Zoom!

Quick, easy and no bureaucracy.

Divorce, relationships between spouses, mom and kids, kids at school, bullies, friends, people at work, and after all we are humans. We come with many faults. Understanding human behavior makes us great coaches! May the "Power of PST be with You!

Enjoy the benefits of being certified.

You decide when you want to work. What days. What hour. And with whom you want to work with. Every client will occupy one hour per week. And it takes 35 weeks to finish the program. And some stay longer. But, at $50 per hour, and with only 20 clients, part time work, that is an income of $35,000. What if you charge $100 per hour or $150! Many do. Begin your studies today!

How It Works

  1. Visit web site.
  2. Get your free e-book
  3. Click on study. 
  4. Follow our direction.
  5. Join the Forums.
  6. Present your case.
  7. Do a confession.
  8. Give feedback to others.
  9. Receive feedback from others.
  10. Answer the questions.
  11. Do your essay and submit.
  12. All done.  Get Certified!
  13. Begin your studies today!
Is Your Relationship Toxic?

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About Us

Ten Years in the Making, Wow!

Ask yourself one question.  If traditional phycologists counseling married couples works then why is the divorce rate for first time marriages is at a whopping 40% and it even gets higher for second and third marriages.

Another question.  Why are children and parents struggle in their relationships.

One more, why are there bullies around us?

One last and there are much more; why do we get angry?  Sad?  Hurt?  Confused?  And is there something to challenge our thought to make us feel better?  And the answer is yes I teach you all of that.  

Hello, my name is Dr. George Tannous, not MD but PhD.  I spent ten years putting this program together.  Initially it was intended for crime reduction, but, I soon discovered that everyone can benefit from it.  There are over seventy topics, and trust me on this one, and by I mean that you will lead a better life once you learn what I teach.  And, it’s FREE to join and study!  

George Tannous, Certified Life Coach from LifeCoachBootCamp.com

Limitations And Qualifications

  • Anyone may join and study for FREE!
  • Minors are welcome.  My thirteen year old grandson is going through the program now and I am hoping he will be the youngest ever certified life coach to deal with youngsters!
  •  If an individual has been divorced they are welcome.
  • If you’ve been a convicted felon, you are welcome.  You need this to reduce your recidivism! In other words, everyone is welcome.  
  • Begin your studies today!