I Feel Good “PST”
by: George Tannous, PhD
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Important: Before you study this lesson please watch this video, “Why?“.  Example:  If you or your client are in a relationship and the other person displayed an attitude of not being “Truthful”, you’ll need to master, and you’ll need to educate your client the following: “Confront and Level!”,  “Assertive Communications!”, as well as “I Feel Good, PST!”.


No one!  And I mean no one.  No mom! No wife! No Boyfriend!  No husband! No friend! No brother!  No drugs! No alcohol!  Nothing is allowed to control your feelings without your approval.

What am I talking about here?  You see, our thoughts are very powerful.  What we think is how we feel, and how we feel, is how we act.  A thought must come to mind before I feel something.  And when I feel something, I can be happy or sad.   I can become disappointed or angry.  I can engage in verbal abuse or physical harm.  And when I feel angry, disappointed, or sad, I might start drinking or taking drugs thinking I’ll feel better.  And when I start drinking, I might lash out at people.  I might say something that I might regret later, or I might regret what I said or what I’ve done the rest of my life.  And that is sad!

What am I getting at?  I am in control of my own thoughts.  I am in control of my own feelings.  And I am in control of my own attitude and actions.

Before I feel the feeling, a thought had to precede it.  And if that thought is undesirable which leads to sadness, anger, or disappointment, I need to challenge it in order to feel the way I want to feel without anyone’s help and without the use of drugs and or alcohol.

The Story a True Story!


Activating event: (What happened)


On a Sunday I woke up happy and in good spirits.  I had a plan for that day.  I wanted to build a cabinet for the grooming bus.  I love working with wood and I love creating things.

I talked my dog Muniecca, a Moyan Poodle, to accompany me to Home Depot.  And without any hesitation she agreed.  She loves going to Home Depot.

I chose carefully and placed my lumber in the cart.  I chose my black paint and placed it in the cart.  I picked out all the screws, fasteners, nuts, bolts, and so on and placed them in the cart.  I then proceeded to the checkout stand.  The line was long, and I waited patiently just like everyone else.

As I approached the checkout stand, a man with his two workers cut right in front of me.  I looked at the man and informed him he needed to wait in line.

The man looked at me cussed me out and called me names.

My immediate thought:


Who does this man think he is?  I should teach him a lesson.

My feelings:


I felt annoyed.  I felt anger.  I felt hatred.  I looked around to see if anyone else was watching this.



If I act upon my thoughts and feelings and get engaged in a verbal or physical fight the consequence of this could be bodily injury as well as being arrested by law enforcement.

PST (My “Positive Self Talk”):


George don’t allow this man to take control of your feelings.  Don’t allow him to place my feelings in his back pockets.  He obviously has an entitlement issue, humility issue, among many other issues.  (you’ll learn all about behavior issues through our seventy+ topics.  You see, the more we learn about human behavior the more control we have upon our own thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and actions.) Let him go and bless him.

My actions:


I looked at the man and told him to go ahead Infront of me.  I told him, “God bless you.”

He thought I cussed him out looked at me and with a loud voice said, “WHAT?”

I said, “God bless you!”  He placed his head down and didn’t engage with me anymore.


End result:

I was proud of my actions.  I felt good inside, and this resulted in me having a great day ahead.


On a daily basis, we are all faced with situations like the one mentioned above.  At home.  At work.  At the grocery store.  In a gathering, and just about everywhere we go.  The question is, should we allow any ill given situation to control our feelings and in return have it control our attitudes and actions?  The answer is a big no!  And the solution is “I Feel Good, PST™”.

Watch out for what you think.  I’ll say it again.  Your thoughts control your feelings, and your feelings controls you attitude and actions. 

Master this technique daily until it become second nature.

I am including a worksheet for you to use.  Please use it.  Commit this lesson to writing.  With practice you’ll begin to just use your thoughts to, “I Feel Good, PST”


I Feel Good, PST™

Activating Event:









My Immediate Thought:



My Feelings:













My Actions:




End Desired Result:











Please print as many as you can and practice daily.


May the Power of PST be with You!



Continue where you left off:  Module 1: “Attitudes.  Followed by, “Your Logical Thoughts”.  Then, “Your Unlawful Thoughts”.  Then, “How Well Do You Communicate”.  Then, “Drugs, Alcohol, and You”.  Then, “Your Uncontrolled Anger”.  Followed by, “Is Your Life in Balance”.  Finally, “Your Relationships”.

There is no way any relationship will survive without having the qualities mentioned above.

Make sure to read each article carefully at least three time. 

Once you have completed this entire journey, you will be issued a Life Coach Certificate.

I am thankful that you have given me this opportunity to share all of this with you. May God bless you and bring prosperity and peace into your life.

Respectfully yours,

George Tannous, PhD

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