Honesty is When You Speak the Truth


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We all have heard the phrase “honesty is the best policy”. This is one of the most common proverbs that are taught in kindergarten. Our parents and teachers often quoted this proverb in our childhood years to encourage us to be honest all the time.

We all have heard the phrase “honesty is the best policy”. This is one of the most common proverbs that are taught in kindergarten. Our parents and teachers often quoted this proverb in our childhood years to encourage us to be honest all the time.

But as we all grew up and life progressed, the proverb lost its meaning.

In modern times, only a handful of people can claim that they are always honest. That's only a few people on this whole planet who can say that honesty is not just a proverb, it's their way of life.

What do you think happened? Why did most of us choose to walk on a different path?

In the childhood years when a child lies and gets caught, it is considered an innocent act. Many adults choose to ignore it and sometimes they laugh it off. But as the child starts progressing towards adulthood, the lies also evolve and take a different form.

When we enter adulthood, we get our own set of reasons to be dishonest. Some of us lie to protect ourselves, some of us lie to protect our secrets, some of us lie to avoid some situations or outcomes, and some of us lie because we’ve been lied to before.

But the list doesn’t end here. While some of us take the path of dishonesty to avoid certain circumstances, some of us also choose the same for certain gains.

It is easy to find people who advocate honesty. We bet you’ll never find a person who’ll openly support dishonesty. So, the question arises when we say and preach that honesty is the best policy. Is it because we firmly believe that it is, or is it because we want to sound politically correct?

What exactly is honesty?

Many websites and dictionaries will render different definitions. Some platforms will tell you it’s quality of being honest, some will tell you it’s acting truthfully, and some will tell you it’s about all about being real.

But the answer lies within the question. The question we asked before. Why do people choose to walk the path of dishonesty?

If you’ll look closely, honesty is nothing more than the presence of courage and the absence of fear.
We walk the path of dishonesty because deep down we are scared. Sometimes we are scared of losing someone or something; sometimes we are scared of an outcome; and sometimes we are scared of a situation.

It is perfectly fine to be scared, we all are humans after all. The issues arise when courage is absent. We all can be scared and still speak the truth and choose the path of honesty only if we are courageous enough.

Doesn’t this mean that we all have given the steering wheel of our lives to fear and we are not even aware of it?
When you follow the path of honesty, you stay true to not only your loved ones but also to yourself. Honesty not only frees you from fears rooted deep within, but also empowers you and strengthens your conscious. When you are honest with yourself, you get to know yourself better. You know exactly what you want and what exactly you don’t want. When you lead an honest life, your vision becomes clearer which helps you make better decisions.

On the other hand, when fear is the primary driving force in our lives, we are continuously progressing on the path of dishonesty, we are unconsciously dodging obstacles. These obstacles could be opportunities in disguise that can help us grow, learn, improve and to become a better person.
So, isn’t honesty a better path to walk on? Well, it certainly is.

How to be honest

In recent times, many people can be seen being extremely harsh with others. They are utterly rude and not even apologetic about the same. The worst part is, they justify their behavior by saying that they were just being honest.
While honesty is one of the greatest qualities, pairing it with harsh, illmannered and disrespectful behavior degrades its meaning. When people are brutally honest, the intention is not to speak the truth, but to hurt. When people brutally speak the bitter truth, it causes more damage than good.

Hence while speaking the truth, it's important to be mindful of people's feelings. It's important to know the purpose of speaking the truth. More importantly, it's important to understand that everybody has their own versions of the truth, and just because yours doesn't match with others, doesn't mean they are wrong.

Being honest requires a lot of courage. An abundance of courage that helps you overcome fear. But hurting people doesn’t require courage, it only requires wrong intentions.

If you are someone who is willing to choose honesty for the rest of your life, start with yourself. Be honest with yourself. Many people take their first step on this path and immediately walk two steps back. Why? It’s because they want others to be honest as well. Some people firmly believe that if they are being honest, others must also be honest. While it's completely fair to believe so since nobody likes being cheated on, it’s also important to understand that just like you, everybody else has a choice too. And choices can differ.

Is honesty the best policy?

We won’t lie to you. We won’t sugarcoat facts. Being honest can sometimes bring you loss, it can put you in a difficult situation or it might force you to face an outcome you never wanted to face. Long story short, the path of honesty is full of thorns which might become the cause of your suffering.

On the other hand, being honest helps you become a better person. It makes you more self-aware, and it helps you build a strong character. Being honest also helps you find and face your weaknesses. More importantly, it helps you drop the false masks and identities and helps you lead a life with an abundance of courage with the absence of fear. When you are armed with courage and strong character, do you think any amount of suffering will be able to scare you?

We won't answer the question. It's something you must decide for yourself.
If you have made up your mind to lead your life with honesty, here are a few things we won't ask you to do. We won’t ask you to go back and make amendments. We won’t ask you to make everything perfect. We are here to help you achieve your goal. And to help you with it, we would only ask you to start today and to start fresh.

Our advice is for you to practice “Honesty” for at least a week. Tell others around you to point out any attitude in which you displayed a dishonest person. Have them hold you accountable. Visit the “Forum” and do a “CONFESSION”.

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