Presiding JP Gavin Shelley told him: "If you see him in the street, you must take a step to avoid him. You can change your cookie settings at any time. This means that we may include adverts from us and third parties based on our knowledge of you. "It can't be said you don't know what you are doing. He admitted fraud by using the card and also the theft of 50 of perfume from an Ann Summers shop. Jameel Khan, 34, of St Stephen's Road, Sneinton, was handed 11 years on the cocaine allegation and four years concurrent on the second charge. I saw you. The court heard that a 16-year-old girl was with Middleton when he was arrested in the hotel room on September 26. But he developed anxiety and depression before suffering a heart attack. Just some of the offenders who appeared in court this week. He also stole two pairs of wellington boots valued at 270, 12 jars of coffee from Farmfoods, a television from Tesco, a teeth whitening kit from Superdrug, three power charges from Sainsburys, as well as clothing in a number of burglary offences. She also changed her clothes in a bid to get away with the crime. "That touched a nerve. Matthew Smith, mitigating, said that Evans got involved in the drugs offences because he "had a significant debt to those who supplied him previously.". If you're unsure, do not pay anything and report the scam toAction Fraud. He imposed four-and-half years for the arson offences and 12 months for the threatening behaviour (of the police officer), all concurrently. The judge said similar offenders usually made excuses and told him: "I accept you are genuinely remorseful. Tina Denning, Ann-Marie Fletcher, Sharon Doughty and Jamie Lowe were sentenced after admitting the charges. The 43-year-old was seen by an officer who noticed the two thick green socks hanging out of Bown's jacket arms. We use your sign-up to provide content in the ways you've consented to and improve our understanding of you. A 15-year prison term was imposed on Ousama Bounaceur, 22, of Manvers Court, Sneinton. Nottingham Crown Court. Rory Macmillan, mitigating, told the court Evans only used the card twice, taking less than 100. You can also correct any listing errors or omissions. Mr Janes went on: "It went onto a potholed road at some considerable speed, 80mph. Magistrates' court lists in England and Wales will be published online for the first time, making it easier to access listing information. The offences did not relate to The Becket School. Several defendants were eventually jailed for their part in the two "brazen and cowardly" shootings. Her injuries were not life-threatening. The case, involving shootings in Nottingham and Derbyshire with a number of defendants, began in October . Or by navigating to the user icon in the top right. On this page you will find the latest reports from Nottingham's courts, including Nottingham Crown Court and Nottingham Magistrates Court. "You dragged her like she is an animal," said the judge. McDonagh will spend three months inside before being released on licence. Judge John Burgess said: "These were not thefts of Mars Bars, these were high value. He had jobs in car washes and on building sites, added Mr Gibbs. 60 Canal Street "The sad reality is that he would have done whatever was required of him. Andrew Cooke, of Maples Street in Nottingham, was caught on CCTV concealing items of food in his pockets at the Tesco store in Valley Road on August 20 last year. Thousands of customers ordered drugs by calling or texting phones referred to as 'drug lines', which the gang operated under the pseudonyms 'Sid' and 'Billy'. A teenager was locked up again after being caught in a hotel room with a stash of hard drugs and a girl. Nathan Burton, 43, of Cranmer Walk, St Ann's, was jailed for 30-months following an attempted robbery in a bank queue - the day after he was nearly caught for a till snatch. He got away with a computer tablet and bottle of wine. In one hand, he held a large kitchen knife with an eight-inch blade. The building also accommodates the County Court and the Family Court. May Bank Holiday supermarket opening times for Aldi, Asda, Lidl, Tesco and more, Leeds United considering major decision in Nottingham Forest relegation fight. "He has good qualities which may be put to good use. Mr Gordon Clow, assistant coroner for Nottinghamshire opened the inquests on the morning on Tuesday, May 4 at Nottingham Council House. Williams, 28, of no fixed address, was holding a machete as he and others burst into the Worksop home of a mother-of-two. Bird accepted he had been smoking mamba over Christmas when there was a problem with the electrics in the flats. He admitted dangerous driving and being over the alcohol limit. He added: "We have heard what happened that night. A self-employed businessman accelerated his car ferociously just before he turned right into the path of a scooter rider, causing him to die . Lee Shepherd, prosecuting, said the offence only came to the attention of the authorities when Bird broke a window in the same flats on February 18. An eight-month prison sentence, suspended for a year, was ordered for Farnsworth, of Peveril Road, Alfreton. ", When told he had died, Edgar replied: "I bet he is glad he is dead to get away from you.". This Court has interview room facilities. He was arrested at around 6pm after he was recorded blowing 139 at the roadside. Heenan entered the store at about 2.30pm and picked up a beer keg and a toothbrush, before leaving without paying for the items and successfully evading store staff. The officer released his taser and zapped the man as he ran towards them shouting 'get out!'. He was holding a meat cleaver in the other hand. The lists are subject to change at short notice at the discretion of the courts. Sajmon Brzezinski, 43, Overdale Road, Basford, was jailed after for enslaving workers. I am really annoyed. Following a further search, two packets of tobacco were seized. Bown was charged with possession of drugs and attempting to throw prohibited items into the prison and has been jailed for 12 months. Two men who stole Christmas gifts from a Nottingham home were sentenced to a combined eight years in jail. She would not dress as smartly as she used to. Catherine Picardo, prosecuting, said: "They noticed the driver was slurring his speech and asked if he had any drinks. You say you weren't aware that it was a private party, but when you were made aware of the situation, you admit your actions were irresponsible. Tests showed 140 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of his breath. "It is hypocrisy to add that you had no sexual interest in children.". The case was sent to Nottingham Crown Court for a hearing on May 25. Annette Thomas, mitigating, said that Middleton had a difficult childhood and there remain worries about his maturity. The pair claimed that Gloria Rowland, 77, had thrown toast, hit a female carer and called them liars when they visited her Mansfield home. He was found guilty before Christmas. 10 Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court 15 June 2020 : 11 Wood Green Crown Court 15 June 2020 . "He didn't have the means to source mamba and was pretty irritable," said Mr Robinson. "You were isolated and lacking in purpose". The sentence was imposed at Nottingham Crown Court on Jonathan Treadgold, 18, of Kent Close, Worksop. She was . Hitherto he has always said he could do it on his own.". Internally, the building was equipped with nine courtrooms.[8]. Until the early 1980s, the Crown Court sat in the Shire Hall on High Pavement. Nottinghamshire Judge Stuart Rafferty QC told him: "For a long time, you were playing the role of peacemaker. Scott Lewendon's explanation fell on deaf ears and he was arrested before being taken to Nottingham Crown Court. Court of Appeal (Civil Division) daily cause list 4.1 Live Streaming of hearings at the Royal Courts of Justice Most cases in the Court of Appeal (Civil Division) are now live streamed. A homeless mamba user had his wish granted - a spell in jail to beat the drug. The case was sent to Nottingham Crown Court for a hearing on May 25. They both pleaded guilty to the attempted burglary, and were found guilty of the second burglary at Nottingham Crown Court on June 14 following a trial. A man sent 167 Facebook messages to a woman in one day - then 150 on another day. The discovery was made in March last year and police officers granted bail to Evans, of Moor Street, Mansfield . The Judge or Recorder sits with a jury of 12 members of the public. The incident led to a suspended prison sentence and an 18-month driving ban for Reece Burridge, who had been drinking and taking cocaine. His neighbours were at home and were disturbed by his behaviour, Nottin gham Crown Court heard. They admitted ill-treating an individual while care workers in June 2018. Edgar was told to stop visiting the man but returned. Two masked robbers were jailed after threatening to cut off a Clifton car dealer's little finger so they could get away with his 12,500 takings. He has already served 110 days inside and will be freed on licence after completing 15 months inside. As always you can unsubscribe at any time. Magistrates who presided over the case handed Calderbank a community order for his actions. He might as well have not gone to court. (The intent relates to the attack on the man.). Khyle Sargeant, 27, was drinking with a friend in Mansfield on December 20, 2019, when they visited the Canvas nightclub, on Leeming Street. ", When Mrs Rowland denies hitting Burton, the reply is: "You saying I'm lying? Send your story ideas to Users are also able to search for information on applications or appeals heard in the last 31 days. The judge said he expected Bardhosi would be held in detention until his deportation takes place, adding: "One hopes this time you do not return.". Lucy Jones, prosecuting, said that Mrs Rowland has died. The case can only be heard at Nottingham Crown Court. As Bown, of Tichborne Street, Leicester, walked back in the direction he'd come from the officer followed and detained him on a grass verge. Or by navigating to the user icon in the top right. While in custody awaiting sentence, he has "gone the whole nine yards" and got off mamba as well, added Mr Robinson. Cases in the Crown Court are overseen by Circuit Judges or Recorders or, sometimes, for the most serious cases, High Court Judges. Everyone was using it to get some money to buy drugs. Each defendant was granted unconditional bail. He goes outside, comes back in and drags her out, grasping her arm and collar. Sitting at Nottingham Crown Court, the judge said he was encouraged by the drug treatment being received by Stevenson in Leicester Prison. The trial collapsed and a new one was ordered by the judge. The defendant, who was sitting in the away end, was detained by stewards and later charged with the offence under the Public Order Act. He told the judge: "He was not taking his medication. A homeless man was locked up after a judge said he dragged a woman "like an animal.". Officers did not follow at the same sort of speed. 12 Nottingham Crown Court 15 June 2020 : 13 Bradford Crown Court 16 June 2020 . He admitted human trafficking, two counts of forced labour and fraud. On one occasion, a shopper was pushed over as she tried to halt him. As well as owing 2,000 for drugs, he had been blamed for an earlier crash in which a 28,000 car was written off. At Nottingham Crown Court, he was given a three-year community order after admitting two charges. A tape recorder was set up by a care company after concern from Mrs Rowland's daughter when Wheelhouse made a coarse remark about the pensioner. It added up to a 12-week prison term for Stolp. Judge Stuart Rafferty QC told the pair: "As that tape recording revealed, you treated that elderly lady no better than a dog. Your assault - cowardly - was from behind.". Alex Barnett, 26, of Haig Street, Derby, pleaded guilty to drink-driving on the A610 Nuthall Road, Nottingham, when he had 41 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath on April 11. To protect the history, the street even has it's own historical group known as the Mill Gate Conservation Group. Judge Stuart Rafferty QC said Mitchell's attitude made it "an unusual case, almost unique in my experience." "He then put it out," said Mr Shepherd, who told the court there were children in the building. They made up. He retired last August after 25 years working at the school. Andrew Merritt was jailed for almost two years. July 2012 and July 2015 - Conviction of Charlotte Collinge in 2012 for the murder of husband Clifford Collinge, sentenced to 23 years with two accomplices both sentenced to 18 years. DX: 702383 Nottingham 7. An arrest was made three days later. She admitted one offence of research by a jury member and one offence of disclosure of research by a jury member. Kieron Larcombe, 28, of Hanslope Crescent, Nottingham, and James Meller, 28, of Lindfield Road, Nottingham, had been caught on CCTV trying to break into a property in the Strelley area on Sunday, December 11 last year. The judge ordered the destruction of the drugs and confiscated the cash. The building has hearing enhancement facilities available by prior arrangement. Friday 28 April 2023 19:36. There was also the cash, two gold watches and what appeared to be a drug dealer's list. Hussain had entered an open window of a house in Grassington Road overnight on Sunday, September 1, while the family slept upstairs. "It was being passed around acquaintances. But Jamie Stevenson, 39, kept on committing the offences, taking a large amount of items from House of Fraser and Boots. We use your sign-up to provide content in the ways you've consented to and improve our understanding of you. They decided he should be sentenced at the crown court. The latest Nottingham Forest news as the Leeds board are said to have been in discussions following the 4-1 defeat against AFC Bournemouth on Sunday. He failed a roadside breath test. Middleton will be freed halfway through his spell in custody, spending the remainder on probation. Never miss a court story by signing up for our newsletter here. A 15-month prison sentence was imposed on Rewers, of Bidford Road, Nottingham. Published by His Majesty's Courts and Tribunals Service: Court of Appeal Criminal Division daily cause list (external link) Court of Appeal Civil Division daily cause list (external link) He has no previous convictions, he accepts that he was drunk at the time and it does seem somewhat out of character.". The lists are subject to change at short notice at the discretion of the courts. "He called her persistently for a prolonged period," added Mr Jerath. Members of a drugs gang peddling cannabis and cocaine to students across Nottingham were jailed for more than 70 years this month. Michael Owen, 40, of Osman Close, The Meadows, pleaded guilty to possessing heroin and Mamba in Bottle Lane, Nottingham, on March 2 this year. [7] The design involved a glass atrium which projected forward, connecting two wings which were faced with extensive expanses of stone. Sean Mulligan, 42, was sent to prison for 22 months - 18 months for causing serious injury by dangerous driving, and four months consecutive for driving whilst disqualified, after he pleaded guilty to driving-related charges. The case began after two shootings - the first in Upper Langwith, Derbyshire, in October 2018, where shots were fired into a house and narrowly missed a woman inside. He was told to pay 50 compensation, 85 costs and a 30 victim surcharge. We've heard a wide-range of cases this morning. Hayley Burton, 25, had evaded the blow from Mrs Rowland but the carers kept questioning her, Nottingham Crown Court heard. McDonagh, now of Kelverlow Street, Oldham, had denied four counts of fraud by presenting counterfeit currency as legal tender with the intention of making a gain. Eunice Opare-Addo, prosecuting, said the woman was "in distress" and sat on the floor just inside the entrance of the hotel. He was repeatedly caught on CCTV and was eventually arrested on January 23, 2020. Steven Tollyfield, prosecuting, said Heenan thought he had got away with the theft until being tapped on the shoulder by a police officer in the station. 28 April 2023 . Bardosi acquired false documents so he was able to work in the UK. He admitted theft, attempted theft, common assault and assault by beating. The Daily Court Status can be seen here everyday from 10:00 am. Please contact the Court office by telephone or email if necessary. Their actions are said to have cost the taxpayer more than 1.4m. Because of that, he felt the two-year probation course would prevent a repeat. . are italian traffic fines enforceable in uk; unity embedded browser; famous countertenors in pop music; was lord merton being poisoned; roy bentley obituary The latest Nottingham Forest news as the Leeds board are said to have been in discussions following the 4-1 defeat against AFC Bournemouth on Sunday. Appearing at Nottingham Crown Court on February 14, he was jailed for 22 months. "He is frightened of returning to Albania. You will then benefit from the full set of court lists delivered to your desktop the moment they . A builder must pay 1,000 compensation to a man after knocking out teeth with one punch in a "cowardly assault.". This will last for five years. Now he has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison at Nottingham Crown Court for assault and controlling and coercive behaviour. Nottinghamshire Police said as they retired to consider verdicts in February 2020, concerns about the conduct of some jury members came to light. Something went wrong, please try again later. Crown Court, magistrates' court, . She refused to answer questions put by a police officer, he added. If you have a disability and need help coming to a hearing, please contact A Crown Court deals with serious criminal cases, for example: murder. He got into his vehicle after he felt fine to drive. He stated he paid about 10 for it, the court heard. Ben Robinson, mitigating, said the pair had been "bickering." Lowe, 27, of Long Eaton, Derbyshire, admitted four offences of research by a jury member and was given a four-month sentence, suspended for 12 months, and ordered to carry out 80 hours of unpaid work. BBC News. All the criminals listed below are either from Nottinghamshire, or committed their crimes here, Our free email updates are the best way to get headlines direct to your inbox. "All the glass went onto the blinds. The lists are subject to change at short notice at the discretion of the courts. She says this is somebody who needs help rather than custody. When caught, full details were given by Mitchell, of Charnwood Lane, Arnold. Police seized two packages and Bown's phone. Some thefts had netted goods worth a total of 600. robbery. The victim recognised him as someone she knew, Nottingham Crown Court heard, because his mask slipped off. Mr Edgar says it is the other way round. And when questioned by police officers, Farnsworth was "tearful and apologetic throughout.". A three-year driving ban starts when he is freed halfway through the jail term. He wants to become a drug worker managing people in the community," she added on behalf of Stevenson. Man drove armed gang to attack on . Care workers were jailed after a judge said they put a dementia victim on trial and showed no remorse. When events occur in Court this page will be updated. He said culpability for deliberate fire-starting by an adult on nine occasions was "obviously high" but the offences were mitigated by his mental illness. He said Williams - who appeared in court on a prison video link - would serve half of the sentence before his release on licence. Something went wrong, please try again later. You will then benefit from the fastest and most efficient way of receiving the court lists. The Daily Court Status can be seen here everyday from 10:00 am. "He set fire to some carpet on the stairwell in the flats to sort out the problem with the electrics. "The nature of the offences and your personality are such that there is a significant risk that you will commit further specified offences and, by doing so, will cause serious harm to others," added the judge. Retired teacher Paul O'Neill, 57, of Wroxham Drive, Wollaton Vale, was jailed for life after arranging the sexual abuse of children in Philippines over internet. The court heard she had waited three hours to call an ambulance for her stricken partner, instead choosing to call her friends and family. The judge added: "With your problem with drugs, you have started to get help and acted in a very positive way and helping cure others as well.". That prompted the judge to say: "Heaven knows what risks she was exposed to. From a retired teacher who committed child sex offences to a drugs gang and a woman who stabbed her partner - these are some of the criminals who were locked up in June. He was told to pay 50 compensation, 85 costs and a 30 victim surcharge. A police sting trapped a 49-year-old man's sordid chats with a person online he believed to be a 13-year-old boy. Britt swung his rucksack at the second officer. "He put it to her temple. Overall the value exceeded 6,000.". Mitigating, Emma Cornell said that he had been "sofa-surfing and spent time on the streets", but has now got himself some work and is in the process of finding accommodation. Some defendants, who plead guilty, are sentenced immediately or a pre-sentence report is ordered from probation to provide judges and magistrates with more background about the offender. If it isn't, there will be a substantial prison sentence.". Her pyjama top was ripped off, before she gave them a 9,000 Rolex watch - which they took with the puppy worth 2,000. He can be seen making a stamping motion but doesn't make contact. Southern Derbyshire Magistrates' Court heard Calderbank made a comment about his partner's nails being fake, just like she was, on the journey, Derbyshire Live reports. Britt received a community order for 12 months, 20 rehabilitation activity days, and was ordered to pay compensation of 75 to one victim and 25 to the second. Dave Pearson, owner of Crystal Blinds in Mapperley, said the offender "might as well have not gone to court" after he crashed into his store last June. May Bank Holiday supermarket opening times for Aldi, Asda, Lidl, Tesco and more, Leeds United considering major decision in Nottingham Forest relegation fight. Jasmine Kumar, mitigating, said that Phair had "ten pints of alcohol." Mulligan, of Hewitt Gardens, St Ann's, already had 83 previous motoring offences including 12 for drink-driving. He must pay 100 compensation to the man. Read about our approach to external linking. Nottingham. She finally alerted police officers when he came home with two bottles of vodka, said Catherine Picardo, prosecuting. Kasim Aftab, 26, of of Oakdale Road, Bakersfield, - a man who the judge said was less frequently involved but played an active role in both conspiracies over a significant period of time - received nine-and-half years on the cocaine charge and four years concurrent for the cannabis allegation. NG1 7EL, What to expect coming to a court or tribunal. He was told that he risked a total sentence of seven years because it was his third similar conviction. Video, The secret mine that hid the Nazis' stolen treasure, Explosion derails train in Russian border region, Trump mistrial request denied in NY rape lawsuit, Banana artwork in Seoul museum eaten by visitor, Trump says 'great to be home' on visit to Scotland, NFL player's daughter, aged two, drowns in pool, Father tells how gunman opened fire on Texas home, JP Morgan snaps up troubled US bank First Republic. Tremayne McKenzie, 25, of Barent Walk, Bestwood Estate , received four-and-half years in prison for attempting to cause grievous bodily harm to the unknown man, and causing grievous bodily harm with intent to the woman outside the Nottingham Irish Centre. He was jailed for eight years and will be freed on licence halfway through. There are no hot drinks or food available on site. Drug users topped up supplies by using a lost credit card - spending 667.57 in three days. The plea was made on Lee Richardson's behalf when he admitted a three shoplifting offences and the assault of a store manager. Other cases are so serious they are sent to Nottingham Crown Court for trial or sentencing. These are the hearings they've been covering this week. When he stopped, police officers noted "a strong smell of alcohol, and he said he was sorry," Mr Jones told the court. Andrew Mitchell, 52, admitted downloading images as well as attempting to make contact with a child. Emma Hodgson, mitigating, said: "A prison and pre-sentence report confirms that the defendant is now completely drug free. His plans were revealed when he was banned for three years from going into two shops in the intu Victoria Centre and another in Bulwell. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. First it went at 40mph in a built-up area before ignoring red lights and going the wrong way round "keep left" bollards. The trial at Nottingham Crown Court collapsed in March 2020, One of the shootings was outside Das Kino bar in Fletcher Gate, Nottingham, in November 2018. Nottingham Crown Court - Find contact details, opening times, how to get to here, types of cases managed, disabled access to the building. Youve rejected additional cookies. "I am sure we would never get to the bottom of that," said Mr Saunders. Daily lists for the Court of Appeal. At the time, he was on bail while police officers investigated the discovery of the drugs and 12,743 cash at a holiday cabin at Sherwood. Is climate change killing Australian wine? A jealous husband walked weeping from the dock when jailed for controlling his wife's life and demanding cash to leave her. To protect the history, the street even has it's own historical group known as the Mill Gate Conservation Group. The Case Tracker allows users to search for information on applications or appeals in the Court of Appeal, Civil Division. The restaurant is currently closed. Craig Phair, 39, admitted wounding on April 21 last year and was ordered to pay the man at a rate of 100 monthly. Central Criminal Court. A drink-driver pipped his horn as he pulled out of a car park and went the wrong way up a dual carriageway. Ricky were there when you bloody hit me so I'm not lying.". This location participates in this scheme, Scammers are mimicking genuine HMCTS phone numbers and email addresses,,, The next hearing will be there at 9.30am on May 25. Aqib Shazad , 22, of Ena Avenue, Sneinton, who had a 'leading role' in the conspiracy, was given a total of 14-and-a-half years for the cocaine conspiracy and seven years concurrent for the cannabis conspiracy. The defendant clearly portrayed it was the end of the relationship," said Mr Pattinson. He admitted harassment by sending numerous texts between January 16 and February 15. Bill Soughton, mitigating, told a court: "His life is disastrous. To protect the history, the street even has it's own historical group known as the Mill Gate Conservation Group. "I do not feel prison is the right outcome for him. We'll bring you stories from the Crown courts, magistrates' court and coroner's court. "He escaped from her grip and pushed another customer, causing her to fall to the floor.". In fear for their safety the officers retreated before withdrawing their tasers and discharging them at Burton. If your legal organisation is a frequent user of the courts, we suggest that you request a free trial of our CourtServe 2000 or CourtServe County professional services. She claimed she planned to sleep with another man in the Travelodge. Later he said: "You are going to be a heartbreaker, yes, no problem.". One recognised Lewendon, 46, who lives on the street. A 14-month prison term was ordered for Thompson, who admitted assault by beating. One man was pushed from behind onto a car. He was then ordered to pay 150 in compensation, court costs of 85 and a 90 victim surcharge. May Bank Holiday supermarket opening times for Aldi, Asda, Lidl, Tesco and more, Leeds United considering major decision in Nottingham Forest relegation fight. "This is despicable behaviour. Miss Pritchard added: "He accepted being on the street and holding the items. "He said he had been talking to children for the thrill of it. A friend described him as showing extreme jealousy. He has got away with it. The description was used by a judge at Nottingham Crown Court after watching the incident on CCTV. The site selected by the Lord Chancellor's Department on Canal Street was occupied by a row of shops (including a baker's shop owned by the amateur astronomer, Thomas Bush)[2] and an old canal-side factory. Mr Macmillan added: "This is a major turning point. A homeless man from Mansfield got caught stealing beer and a toothbrush from B&M Bargains. Appearing at Mansfield Magistrates' Court, Sargeant pleaded guilty to assault and was fined 115. He admitted dangerous driving and driving over the limit for alcohol and drugs. A man must go on a probation course after police caught him trying to contact a boy aged 13 on the internet. Middleton pleaded guilty to having the three different types of drugs for sale to others. An illegal immigrant faces deportation after being caught drink driving in the city and flashing a false Latvian identity card. After the hearing, councillor Tony Harper, chair of Nottinghamshire County Council's Adult Social Care and Public Health Committee, said: "We welcome the custodial sentence of two care workers for the verbal abuse of an elderly victim in 2018. Most populous nation: Should India rejoice or panic?

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