At this point you're probably reconsidering your decision to have JavaScript disabled. The service was great - very talkative and attentive. Besides being the best dive bar in the country, E&H is also known for being one of the most haunted. One of my favorite places in the city. Hazel passed away in 1995 and Earnestine in 1998. All rights reserved. Until now, she had run the bar like it has always been run, for the most part. It was a residential area that remained so until the early 1900s, when the railroad was built. Maybe someone who met their demise upstairs? Here are a couple of the stories that have been told by Karen Brownlee, who managed and tended bar at E&H for almost two decades.The day James Brown died, she was talking to a coworker about it, and I Feel Good randomly started playing. When I asked Nate about that Memphis thingthe grit, the unnamed savory and complex quality that E&H is steeped in from the soul burger to the crooked staircase and the hospitalityhe asserted: Nate takes E&Hs hospitality seriously and loves talking to his customers. George realized you dont have to pile on the toppings to have a good burger. The team seeks to help a former bartender confront both the light and dark forces haunting the mysterious music hall. Its storied rooms have been home to countless traveling bluemen, from the days of the 'chitlin circuit' and their favorite upstairs 'girls'. They recently even found bones in the walls. I came in expecting a dive bar with live music and solid burgers and I left confirming all to be true. Earnestine and Hazel's has been a centerpiece of Memphis from the beginning. WTF. Club Paradise was the largest and most prestigious nightclub in Memphis. This space used to be a working . In 1976 Nate started a job with Budweiser (and worked there for 34 years). I would never do anything to change it. South Memphis opened two new train stations and 50 passenger cars would come through every day. Sauted Shrimp served over a bed of Pasta with French Bread & a side of . And generally speaking, the box will cater its song choice to whatever subject you have been talking about. Ernestine and Hazel's. Jack and Katrina investigate a Memphis, Tennessee, blues bar with a sordid past. Haunted Juke box? According to the building owner, Russell George's death is being investigated as a possible suicide, likely caused by a self-inflicted gunshot wound. If Earnestine and Hazel's didn't have enough haunted lore swirling around the historic dive bar already, bones of an unknown origin tumbling out of the walls and landing at the feet of construction crews serves as one more paranormal episodethe bar can now tout. Disable the NSFW warnings that refer to content considered inappropriate in the workplace (Not Suitable For Work). Are you a customer or the owner/manager of the business youd like to add? Earnestine & Hazel's Bar & Grill has 4.5 stars. From a haunted jukebox t. Nate and his wife Marilyn had three children together, only one of which is still living. The team seeks to help a former bartender confront both the light and dark forces haunting the mysterious music hall. Taste was what you'd expect from a frozen pre pattied burger. We had a blast! He called it the Soul Burger. There are also reports of an occasional shadowy face in a picture too. November 23, 2020 at 4:03 pm CST. Oh it could be that they sell alcohol.More, Sadly, this legendary location was closed when we tried to go recently (Labor Day weekend 2019). I really wanted for Alan to be able to eat a soul burger, have a good drink, and listen to whatever the jukebox thinks we need to hear. Its been reported that you get a feeling of sadness when you go upstairs and a feeling of relief, like a weight has been lifted, when you go back downstairs. The 70s were a bad time in general for Downtown Memphis. This transaction occurred some time in the 1950s, from what I can tell. The cafe, however, was holding its own, for the time. After I'm done eating i seethe cook ch one through with 2 more boxes of frozen m.j eat. Lots of stories, never sure how true they all are but check out theupstairs rooms and ask someone for a history lesson about honky tonk woman.More, My husband and I recently visited Memphis and this was definitely one of my favorite spots. Did you know that JavaScript does the following? Settle in downstairs with a cold beer and the juicy "Soul Burger" slathered in mustard and onions. In 1908, he borrowed $125 from his father and started his own business, Plough Chemical Company. Learn more about our use of cookies: Cookie Policy. But lets rewind. Copyright 2013 WMC-TV. Earnestine and Hazel knew it was time to retire. As we mentioned at the top of the story, Earnestine and Hazels is now up for sale. It was during his time owning Pantaze that Plough started to expand his brand and continued on to find his fame. The entrance is on G. E. Patterson Avenue. We could never really get it together, Nate says. They were sent out for testing but I dont know if it was ever published what kind of remains they were. Brownlee talked to Earnestine from time to time and when she was sitting alone at the bar one day, she just started talking to her, asking for a sign that her son was okay. The name, "Earnestine & Hazel's" actually hearkens back to the once-owners, Earnestine and Hazel, who operated a cafe in the space. Youll often hear them referred to as tonics or elixirs. Earnestine & Hazel's is a a popular watering hole for people looking for great food with a quirky juke joint atmosphere. Having no interest in running a sundry, the ladies decided to turn the downstairs area into a jazz cafe. 00:23:38 - In their heyday, Earnestine Mitchell and Hazel Jones rubbed elbows with some of the biggest names in rock and soul history. The team seeks to help a former bartender confront both the light and dark forces haunting t Read allJack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman investigate a Memphis, Tennessee, blues bar with a sordid past. Just as all the other reviews say, this place used to be a. He was a great support of Memphis film. The identity of all those who died within the walls are not known, but its speculated some were the sex workers, one might have been a john who did not treat his lady with the respect she deserved, and the final one, well talk about later. Phew! The future In the aftermath of what is sure to be the next chapter of the. One thing that all employees have for E&Hs is respect. 84 E Ge Patterson Ave Memphis, TN 38103 Uber. This is natural. Copyright 20042023 Yelp Inc. Yelp, , and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp. I wish we would have had more time. One of the employees went upstairs for something and came running back down and right out the door. Search. According to the building owner, Russell George's death is being investigated as a possible suicide, likely caused by a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Then, in the 1930s, the place became a pharmacy until the owner invented a gel-type hair product that made him rich. The festival breathed life back into our dying downtown. We do not own the rights to these photos. I wish I would have had a burger, they smelledreally good. There were 7 Pantaze drug stores on Main St and in the downtown area. He just came right up and looked at her and then flew away. E&Hs jazz club thrived for a couple of decades, but in the 70s and 80s things started to take a turn for the worse. We're saving the foundation of the building, but nothing cosmetic" Chittom said. A large police presence could be seen in front Earnestine and Hazel's just before 11 a.m. The days of gliding under the radar as a hidden gem are nearing an end for Memphis. Stars Jack Osbourne And its $12. They are protected by trademarks but their ingredients are generally not completely disclosed. Are you sure you want to delete this question? I guess someone likes it because they are still open. (WMC-TV) - The owner of a popular bar on South Main was reportedly found dead Monday morning. [Marilyn] was on her way to work, and I saw her passing by, he says. Menu. The team seeks to help a former bartender confront both the light and dark forces haunting the mysterious music hall. NSFW. While it was not said that the sisters condoned the upstairs activity, they certainly turned a blind eye to it. , which was good, but don't expect anything out of the ordinary. Second floor is awesome and creepy.More. Come buy a beer and talk to me, he says with a big smile. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Host to more productions than I care to count, the hallowed halls of this old blues joint have 'spirit'. Juicy J Different Type of Time (Music Video), NLE Choppa ft. Fivio Foreign- DOPE (Music Video), NLE Choppa Talk Different (Music Video), K. Michelle and Gloss Up Wherever The D May Land (Music Video), Woman Beats Men in Rap Battle, So They Rape, Set Her on Fire and Shoot Her, Memphis History: 8 Legendary Housing Projects In Memphis, TN, Police Seize 89 Pounds of Marijuana, Rapper Arrested and Five Others, Shocking Video: University Students on Spring Break Sexually Assault Girl Passed Out on Florida Beach, AP.9 Shares CoCo Half Naked Picture, Texts To Back Up Sex Tape Photos (VIDEO), Iggy Azaleas Sex Tape Video Is REAL, Here Is The Proof! Chittom hasmovedbeloved items like the jukebox, the pool table and even the ragged red leather couch to the new space. She made some maintenance improvements where needed and brought in local craft beer on tap. Sadly, the church burned down some time in the early 1900s. She thought overtime missing her dad would get easier, but it hasnt. So earlier, we mentioned that there were 13 people who died in E&H. "This building is part of Memphis history. It's not. People didnt frequent the area anymore, it wasnt safe. If youve not noticed it before, watch the music video for Loretta Lynns Portland with Jack White. Any cocktails? Earnestine & Hazel's Bar & Grill is open Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 27:04 24.8MB) | Embed. One of my favorite places in the city. The building is from the late 1800s; it was a church, then a dry goods store, and then a pharmacy owned by a multi-millionaire who allegedly just gave it to the two cousins who ran the beauty salon. Many Memphians took to Twitter to express their sympathies for the longtime business owner, who opened the esteemed Memphis bar, which has since become a downtown staple in the community. She gave Brownlee a hug and then walked out, never to return again. Earnestine & Hazel's owner Caitlin Chittom announced on Nov. 23 that she was selling the business on Facebook. The story from the investigator that heard everybody is a star, well, he had set up several cameras over two nights, trying to capture some activity on the second floor. The contracting company's vice president, Chris Tigner, said word got out quickly about the discovery, and someone alerted police, and inaccurately told thema body was located in the bar. From a young age, George listened to soul, jazz, and the blues. Its not just about selling it, its about finding the right operator. The creation of Memphis In May started the renewal of downtown. He opened over 50 restaurants in Memphis and made Beale Street what it is today. Earnestine & Hazel's Bar & Grill Menu Menu for Earnestine & Hazel's Bar & Grill Food Soul Burger 116 reviews 16 photos $6.00 Beers Budweiser $3.50 Bud Light 1 review 1 photo $3.50 Coors Light $3.50 Corona Extra $5.25 Ghost River Golden Ale 3 reviews 1 photo $4.25 Heineken $4.25 Michelob Ultra $4.25 Miller Light 1 review $3.50 Miller High Life I guess all the "spooky" azure is in the part of the building that was closed.We did have the "Soul" burgers, which were pretty good.More. It's a dive bar, and I love that. I asked Nate if he would like to speak about Donnies death, or about how he has been dealing with the grief in the public eye. I had two orders in one setting, at 1am, as this was the closest place to get a meal, from out hotel. We had a great time eating here and hearing about it's past life. @fomoloop, Our site uses cookies. I couldnt find an exact date, but the assessors office lists the current buildings date as 1918. People have also said theyve felt hands touching them when they go upstairs. This was not the first business venture of Sunbeam Mitchell though. Changes were coming to downtown. Detailed Reviews: Reviews order informed by descriptiveness of user-identified themes such as cleanliness, atmosphere, general tips and location information. A house favorite for all of these years. One of Sunbeams music venues (Club Handy) and the Mitchell hotel were on the second and third floors of the Pantaze Drugs, which again was owned by Plough, on Beale St. (Wet Willies currently occupies this building.). Abe Plough is a name synonymous with Memphis. He said they had a few dates prior to him marrying his wife. Not a chain. Mother arrested for leaving children home alone to go to gym, police say. Ill post a picture from a class project where we did a photo shoot there. But its not just for anyone to have. He was 19 years old when he came to the Memphis area to visit his sister and brother-in-law, who were stationed at the Air Force base in Millington. Whilethe bones are being analyzed, the crews will continue to carefully rebuild and restore the bar to its former ragged glory. George had been battling cancer and depression for a while and according to Brownlee, she thought he just knew the end was coming soon and wanted to make sure he could stay at the bar. Great bar that was all decked out for Halloween! The building, which was once a sundry and a brothel, is more than a century old. Try the Soul burger. Very cool! A large police presence could be seen in front Earnestine and Hazel's just before 11 a.m. Its a great place to stop in and get a drink and listen to the. the ordinary. Once the acts finished their sets at Club Paradise, they would head to Earnestine & Hazels for good food, good drinks, good conversation, and good company. You Can Actually Spend the Night in These Haunted Hotels and Houses Do they have anything besides beer? Please go to the settings menu on your phone related to your web browser, and re-enable JavaScript. Earnestine & Hazel's Bar & Grill Popular Dishes, Keith G. said: Almost did not come to this location due to the reviews but I figured, Everette B. said: I go into a fast good joint expecting sub par service. RIP CRAIG BREWER (@MyBrewTube) September 9, 2013. By that time, George and Earnestine had apparently become pretty good friends. Truly and interesting place, and the barthender was so kind!More. He loved food and he loved music and he spent his life giving both of those to many Memphians and tourists alike. Videos. Well there have been numerous reports of the jukebox coming to life on its own, without money having been put in it. I said, Lord have mercy., Nate has a reputation for being well-liked, and he says the secret to extreme likeability is simple: The number one thing is you got to treat everybody right. So historic that it's crazy; true time travel. One thing has changed though. Earnestine and Hazel's Bar and Grill. Before it was a bar, however, the building was a church. Earnestine kept the books and ran the hotel. According to the building owner, Russell George's death is being investigated as a possible suicide, likely caused by a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Whatever he saw upstairs, scared him to death, and apparently he wont go back up there. Smiling through a somber moment, he said that it wasnt time yet to talk about his loss. 412 entries. Brownlee felt compelled to tell her the story and afterwards she left, but returned an hour later with a silver necklace with a bird on it. Explore. After Geroge passed, the bar was taken over by Bud Chittom. The bar has been closed since earlier this year to keep employees safe . whatever they're doing up front doesn't change this great old place, and that they're open for visitors (for real) soon! by Memphis Rap September 9, 2013, 7:07 pm, Ernestine & Hazel Sundry and Former Brothel, Your email address will not be published. Caitlin Chittom, the owner of Earnestine and Hazels' said the bones were sent somewhere to be identified. (hence the hooker comment) and just oozes history. They have found that if they respect the establishment, they dont have any negative experiences. Rumors squashed about Earnestine & Hazel's 'uncertain future'. While construction is underway, Earnestine and Hazel's is operating out of the back bar space, often referred to as "The Five Spot." Ziggy Mack is an internationally published photographer about town. Moments later Whats the smell by Lynyrd Skynyrd came on. Apparently benches lined the walls of the hallway so that men waiting their turn had a place to relax. Everybody comes out here [to the bar], and you gotta treat everybody right. Nate went on to work for Russell at Earnestine & Hazels in 1992 and has been there ever since. Learn the history of this location and the visit becomes even better. Chittom's father, Bud Chittom, died in September of last year, and left the bar in Caitlin's name. MEMPHIS, Tenn. Earnestine and Hazel's owner announced the iconic bar is for sale. Bud Chittom, his daughter explained, wouldn't want the place to change. A must while in Memphis. After 27 years manning the upstairs bar at Earnestine & Hazels, he also has all the dirt that anyone would ever want to knowor not knowon one of our citys oldest bars. The music was awesome. . The area that the corner building occupies was considered South Memphis. Georges office is now padlocked and no one goes in anymore. On March 16, Earnestine & Hazels hosted a party to celebrate Nates 27th anniversary of working at the establishment. Still got my same wife54 years [of marriage], he says. Its said his spirit does inhabit the bar. is available at the time). The burger is a single or double patty, seasoning, American cheese, sauted onion, on a toasted bun with Mayo, mustard and pickle. Very old, but so interesting to experience. Switch to the dark mode that's kinder on your eyes at . That year, a new building was erected, the same one you see today, and it was purchased by Abe Plough and turned into one of his Pantaze Drugstores. The music was awesome. The jukebox remains the same and the wall decor has not changed. King, Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin. Chittom said its just too painful to keep running the businesses she inherited. In this business here, you cant be no way funny at all. If you are looking for the ghosts of Memphis, go here. The spot that is now occupied by Earnestine and Hazels at 531 South Main St was once the exact opposite of what it was to become in the future. By that time, George and Earnestine had apparently become pretty good friends. Earnestine & Hazel's Bar & Grill 263 reviews Claimed $ Dive Bars, Burgers Edit Open 5:00 PM - 3:00 AM (Next day) See hours See all 213 photos Write a review Add photo Save Menu Website menu Full menu Location & Hours 531 S Main St Memphis, TN 38103 Downtown Get directions Edit business info Sponsored Moe's Southwest Grill 44 6.6 miles He pedaled his antiseptic healing oil, that he created in a room above his fathers shop, to the drug stores in and around Memphis. Over the years, there have been countless paranormal investigations and ghost tours that have happened at E&H. Second floor is awesome and creepy. You can also order a mixed drink at the downstairs bar, instead of having to head up and see Nate. One of the most haunted things in the building is the jukebox. They had to find the perfect person to take over their property and do it justice. In the aftermath of what is sure to be the next chapter of the establishment's storied history, Chittom is now faced with renewed online criticism overthe renovations that spurred the discovery of the bones. ALL NEW TONIGHT AT 9! She is a Memphis music history enthusiast and an adventurous home cook. Be sure to record or watch and swing by for your. The Central Station Memphis, Curio Collection by Hilton, National Civil Rights Museum - Lorraine Motel. There is a small 8 seat bar on the second floor, where the brothel was located, that was opened on the weekends. When not immortalizing the movements of ballerinas, circus performers and mermaids, he spends his time finding candid moments involving delectable cuisines and the people that create them. Beale Street was fenced off, except for Schwabs. You definitely get what you pay for!More, , processed patty,. Many folks come just to listen to the jukebox, which is filled with classic Memphis soul and funk music. The Orpheum was a Malco theatre that showed X rated movies some of the time. This is where Russell George dances into the picture. As if Earnestine and Hazel's wasn't spooky enough, crews working on the renovation of the iconic brothel-turned-bar in Downtown Memphis this week found bones in the walls. From a haunted jukebox to a fire-haired phantom to a cheeseburger that'll make you wanna slap your, mama, Earnestine and . The team seeks to help a former bartender confront both the light and dark forces haunting the mysterious music hall.Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman investigate a Memphis, Tennessee, blues bar with a sordid past. He worked with him at Murphys. Yes, Earnestine & Hazel's Bar & Grill offers takeout. really good. 2 thumbs up! Compliments you when you've had a bad day. Earnestine and Hazel were getting older and not able to oversee the business like they had before. Call Menu Info. I didn't see any, but plenty of things happened to me after we left. Throughout his years as a promoter, Mitchell had opened several music venues, a restaurant, and even a hotel for African Americans, which were scarce in those times. Changing the subject and getting back to the topic of his work, we talked about the happiest memories that Nate has of working at E&H. [Hazel] was Bobby Blue Blands mistress at the time.. (WMC-TV) - There are rumblings that a Memphis dive bar known around the world has an uncertain future after its owner was found dead inside last month. Great if youre staying at the Train station Hilton. Switch to the light mode that's kinder on your eyes at day time. The burger is simple but on point! Ha, just kidding. Suddenly, the lights started flashing, getting dimmer and then brighter than the sun. At that point, the area became able to support businesses. He called it Jefferson in the Rear. more menus Dinner Menu Brunch Menu Late Night Menu . <p>In their heyday, Earnestine Mitchell and Hazel Jones rubbed elbows with some of the biggest names in rock and soul history. Always good music live or on the box. Nate had known George for years. Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. The Peabody had shut down. While the upstairs had to be closed during construction as well, longtime upstairs bartender Nathaniel Barnes (Mr. Nate to his regular customers) will be tending bar in the back bar space as well. One of my favorite places in the city. How is Earnestine & Hazel's Bar & Grill rated? Eric Berry for TravelCoterie in partnership with Tripadvisor, Hotels near National Civil Rights Museum - Lorraine Motel, Hotels near Stax Museum of American Soul Music, Hotels near Slave Haven / Burkle Estate Museum, Restaurants near Earnestine & Hazel's Bar Grill, American Restaurants with Private Dining in Memphis, Cajun Restaurants for Large Groups in Memphis, Mediterranean Restaurants for Families in Memphis, Restaurants for Special Occasions in Memphis, American Restaurants with Outdoor Seating in Cooper Young Community Association, Central Gardens Area Association Restaurants, Cooper Young Community Association Restaurants, Families with children Restaurants in Downtown, University Area Neighborhood Association Restaurants. I used to drink. Was kindly, Annette C. said: I hate to give 4stars out on first time visits but this place, Kevin W. said: This place restored my faith in Moes. This place is really different. The sale includes. They just couldnt risk their employees health. Another night, a businessman came in telling a story about how a coworker threw up in a cab and how awful it smelled. According to some, playing at the Paradise was like playing at Carnegie Hall. It is very interesting and has a lot of history, unchanged inside. I came in expecting a dive bar with live music and solid burgers and I left confirming all to be true. BEST burger I've had in a looooong time! Diversified Builders crews have resumed restoration work after a Wednesday night scare whenbones fell out of a wall they were in the process of repairing. With the positive changes that were starting to happen, a brothel wasnt something a visiting tourist wanted to see (well most visiting tourists that is) or needed to see. This Tennessee citys dynamic food scene, soulfully-curated hotels, cocktail establishments, emerging art scene, music, deep Civil Rights history and outdoor activities are giving more and more travelers reasons to visit. They would stroll down for some cheap soul food and good alcohol before retiring for the night to the nearby Lorraine Motel, or possibly for an hour of fun in one of the upstairs rooms. Id not ever seen that video. 2023 Earnestine & Hazel's Bar Grill Unclaimed Review Save Share 118 reviews #80 of 831 Restaurants in Memphis $ American Bar Pub 84 E Ge Patterson Ave, Memphis, TN 38103-4410 +1 901-523-9754 Website Open now : 11:00 AM - 03:00 AM See all (32) RATINGS Food Service Value Atmosphere Mentioned in Where to Drink in Memphis This New Year's Eve By Thrillist Sign in to rate and Watchlist for personalized recommendations. I sat down with him recently to hear some of the nitty gritty as the sun was setting into his cozy, corner bar on the second floor. Great live music, cheap beers, solid drinks, and had all the spooky allure of a haunted building. The ONLY food they serve is the sole, Soul Burger w/ plain chips (whatever brandis available at the time). The sale of the building was finalized early this week. Their juke joint was the go-to hangout for the after-show party crowd. more. Memphis: Home of the Blues, Barbecue, andBagels. Right as we were finishing this episode, the Daily Memphian announced that E&H has a buyer! Gerald Bud Chittom was quite the legend in Memphis. Among the stops: Earnestine and Hazel's bar, where customers . The burger is served with a bag of chips and either a beer or coke. Delivery & Pickup Options - 263 reviews of Earnestine & Hazel's Bar & Grill "Come down and grab a Soul Burger!!! This is definitely a must see if you visit Memphis!!! I usually stick to LOCAL MEMPHIS, On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina - Southaven, Cody G. said: I was skeptical after some of the reviews, however I was pleasantly, Josh H. said: I almost didnt get wings and fries at this location because of the. It also has live music and dancing, to a variety of bands. If youre from the south, you know that coke is the generic term for any soft drink, regardless of the flavor or manufacturer. I couldn't believe the price for a double burger with golden flakes chips. It was part of the deal. Russell George Police have discovered a body at Earnestine and Hazel's bar on South Main in downtown Memphis. Even in that picture, you can see an orb. You just needed some cheese, pickles, sauteed onions, and the secret sauce. Soon, Nate was fondly talking about hosting the after-party of the the movie Get Shorty, all of the celebrities that hes met, how short Danny DeVito is, and how he used to eat a few soul burgers a night back when former owner Russell George was still alive. More a bar than restaurant, ;limited menu , perhaps just a sausage on a bun. News. See production, box office & company info. I guess someone likes it because they are still open. All the rooms have different color names. Not somebody coming from Nashville, who doesnt get it.. And the spirits are still there to welcome you in. She believes Earnestine sent the bird and the lady as a sign that her son was doing alright. Get quick answers from Earnestine & Hazel's Bar Grill staff and past visitors. And there you have the story of Earnestine and Hazels.

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